Custom Forage Harvesting

Satisfaction Guaranteed

- We listen to and strive to achieve customers needs & wants

- Aim for highest possible processing score

- Maintain communication throughout the season so you know our progress and when we will be there

- Silo top ups (at least 1 per job)

- Able to pack bunks properly & consistently

- Fully insured and experienced operators

Custom Hay Services

Here For You

We are focused on helping farms create high quality Hay, Haylage & Balage.

- Cutting at proper stubble height to promote healthy regrowth

- Minimizing crop contact with dirt

- Using proper rake setting and use of rotor rake when the job calls for it

- Check for proper field conditions

- Proper rake & tedder speed to minimize leaf loss

- Windrow management to help with drying times and consistent moisture across an entire field

- Very focused on safe operating procedures & treating your farm like it's our farm

Custom Combining

Exceptional Service

With years of experience in the cab of a combine we can show you how having the right operator makes all the difference in harvesting a crop. 

Our combining services are limited to specific niches so get a hold of us to find out if working with us will help you out

Dry Manure Spreading

Precision Spreading

Get your manure on the field fast effectively.

- Vertical beaters

- Tractors with GPS

 - 50 Kph  Tractors

- Loading & Hauling Services

Ken Norton

Custom Hay Services 

JJ Hoekert

Custom Harvesting

HN  AGRI SERVICES is a joint venture between Norton Farms and Hoekert Farms Inc combining experience and resources to provide top quality feed and custom farming services to our agricultural customers.