Custom Forage Harvesting


Being a time sensitive crop and servicing multiple customer's communication is paramount. We pride ourselves on making top quality feed and focus on only that. It's all about quality not qaunity. We listen to what you're looking for in chop length and moisture and shoot for those targets as close as we can. A Pioneer SLV applicator and Pioneer inoculate is available. 

Corn Silage

When it comes to corn silage it's all about processing. We run the Scherer double spiral-cut high differential processor. They keep making improvements on processors and we keep upgrading our processor every time they make it better. We strive for the highest possible score. We run a row independent  (kemper) head so row spacing and planting direction is no problem. Corn season gets very busy we keep our customers updated on our progress and when we think we will be getting to your area. In the past we have typically started southern haldimand worked our way west then north. This could always change depending on how corn is drying but this has been the trend. Please don't hesitate to call us months in advance the more time we have to plan the better.

Cob Meal Corn

What was once popular years ago is making a comeback. With improvements on processors and re-cutter screens we are now able to make beautiful fine ground cob meal as a alternative to high moisture corn.

Silo Filling

We run Meyer forage wagons with infinite variable unloading speed. The smoothest unloading wagons on the market means we get back to the field quicker. All wagons are equipped with apron extensions helping keep the feed in the blower not the ground.

Silage (AG) Bag 

Bags available for all size jobs. From 6 foot to 10 foot in diameter. And 100 to 300 feet long. Call to discuss your needs and prices

Silage Bunk Packing

Getting a properly  packed pile is arguably the most important part of the job. We strive for a nice uniform, tight pack. And a properly weighted and high horsepower loader to get the job done. We like using loaders as it allows us the get our tires right to the end wall and packing all the way without having to turn around and back on the pile.

A well packed bunk is the key to providing high quality feed to your livestock. Since packing can be the weakest link in the harvesting chain, we strive to use the best possible machinery to achieve great quality feed.

High Moisture Corn

We can also combine your corn. Can be blown up your silo, rolled and bagged or ground and packed in a bunk. Call to discuss your needs and what's best for you.