Custom Hay Services

Our main priority is to help you produce top quality Hay, Haylage, Baylage and feed products for your specific needs. We run top of the line commercial grade equipment most of which is new or next to new, all with low hours of use and a high level of maintenance and service put in to it.


Our extensive knowledge of hay production allows us to work with our clients, make recommendations and meet your specific needs for your crop. We take the time to listen, communicate, and develop a plan with you to achieve the highest outcome for your crop.


We are a full service custom hay provider and can provide you with all of the steps in the hay making process from A to Z or just the specific operation you need such as baling.


We always attempt to be on your field for when you require us to be there. To achieve this we find it is best to keep the lines of communication as open as possible on both ends by letting us know well in advance when you need us there. For example if you need us to bale, tell us when you plan on cutting, when you have actually cut and how the dry down is going. We can then schedule you in as top priority.

We are focused on helping farms create high quality Hay, Haylage & Balage.

- Cutting at proper stubble height to promote regrowth

- Minimizing crop contact with dirt

- Using proper rake setting and use of rotor rake when the job calls for it

- Check for proper field conditions

- Proper rake & tedder speed to minimize leaf loss

- Windrow management to help with drying times and consistent moisture across an entire field

- Very focused on safe operating procedures & treating your farm like it's our farm

Large Square Baling

Hesston 2250

- 3' x 3' x Choice of length (common sizes are 6' & 7' dry bales & 5 ' for haylage) 

- Acid applicator option

- Roto chop option

- Bale weight scale

- Hay & Straw baling available 

Round Baling

Mchale V660

- 48" wide x 36 - 60" high

- Net wrap

- Roto chop

- Variable core density

- Variable bale density

- Acid applicator

- Hay & Straw baling available

- Balage baling available

Custom Mowing

- Krone Triple Mower with rubber roller conditioners cutting 30' per pass

- Cut up to 20 acres per hour

- We cut at proper stubble height to promote healthy growth

Rotary Raking

(2 wheel)

- Less dirt & ash in feed 

- Ability to rake many different combinations of windrows

- Creates a more uniform and fluffy windrow, which allows crops to dry faster

- Gentle rotary-raking action minimizes leaf loss 

- Ability to manage windrows and dry timing

- Recommended for haylage crops

Speed Wheel Raking

- Up to 30 acre an hour rake speeds

- Maximize hay raking and baling time

- Cover many acres in less time

- Can be used by smaller HP tractors

- Rentals available


- Once the hay starts to dry, it needs to be worked to promote curing

- Increases dry times by up to 1 day

- Helps create a uniformed dried crop

Bale Wrapping

- No long worry about the stress of making dry hay

- Higher quality feed end product

- We wrap large square ( up to 5' length) & large round up to 4' x 4' 

- All bales are individually wrapped

- Able to haul & stack bales if needed

- High quality 1st use double sided sticky bale wrap plastic used

Hay & Straw Transport

- Pick up & deliver bales from field

- Licensed trucks with CVOR

- Faster way to get your hay & straw to you at further distances